Alexander Mangel

Audiovisual artist, Editor, Compositor, Programmer, Designer


Journey through mankind's evolution. Mankind is a survival game, inspired by games such as Don't Starve and Neo Scavenger, that starts you as a primate and discover the secrets of humanity. In collaboration with Joeri Lefevre.

Earth our planet, our home

Compositing on one of two movies premiering the 180° Columbus Earth Theatre. Developed a VR previewer for the Oculus Rift for compositors to preview their work and to understand how to create a film for this unique projection method.

Liquid Sand Tissue

A transmedial online installation, allowing visitors to create their own edit of the Liquid Sand Tissue film. Exhibited at the 2014 Prospects and Concepts exhibition, Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam.

Posición Aparente

Editing, sound design and post-production of Paloma Polo's film Posición Aparente. Part of an exhibition that emerged from research into expeditions undertaken in various parts of the world during the colonial era that sought to observe and document astronomical phenomena.

Through Cloud Hopeful

Location based sound design and mastering for the 2012 exhibition of 'Posicón Aparente' in the Reina Sofia Museum to create a relationship between the specific aucoustics of the space and the film projected.

Garden of Eden

Music video by NISHA TARA for Ester von Haze

A Short Film About Nothing In Particular

Three men awake within a white emptiness. A short film about the appearance and existence of everything.


Editing and compositing for a short film by de man & de vos. Two women revisit their hometown during the festivities of Fastnacht. The next morning the magical night appears to have taken on a life of its own.

Path of Totality

Editing and sound design for the Path of Totality, a film by Paloma Polo. The film, a collage of archival films and photographs gathered during the course of research is arranged to point at the socio-cultural history of astrophysics. Together they create a non-linear narrative that could allow us to gain access to residual, yet significant traces of the non strictly scientific aspects of this history.

Op Een Hand Te Tellen

Editing and sound design for a two part TV-documentary on Hindus living in the Dutch countryside by NISHA TARA.


Pathos is a prototype for a tactical espionage action multiplayer game, featuring a procedural cyberpunk office generator.

Hysterisis? Fly me in

No matter how crazy, infinite, how many people are after you or how many millions it will earn us. I am interested in hearing from you about anything; whether questions, inquiries, guerilla warfare, penis enlargement offers or donations.