Journey through mankind's evolution, build a civilization, from the very first beginnings to the very end. Mankind is a survival game, inspired by games such as Don't Starve and Neo Scavenger, that lets you begin as a primate and discover the secrets of humanity. In cooperation with Joeri Lefevre.
A game of mutual distrust
A two-player prototype about observation and trust: while you bribe the enemy's employees you will knowingly run the risk of moles within your own operation.
Pathos is a prototype for a tactical espionage action multiplayer game, loosely inspired by games such as XCOM, Metal Gear Solid, Fallout Tactics, League of Legends and Assassin's Creed. Featuring a rather advanced random level generator and interesting multiplayer stealth gameplay.
An interactive online installation, allowing visitors to create their own edit of the Liquid Sand Tissue film. Exhibited at the 2014 Prospects and Concepts exhibition, Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam.
Through Cloud Hopeful
Location based sound design and mastering for the 2012 exhibition of 'Posicón Aparente' in the Reina Sofia Museum to create a relationship between the specific aucoustics of the space and the film projected.
Posición Aparente
Editing, sound design and post-production of Paloma Polo's film Posición Aparente. Part of an exhibition that emerged from research into expeditions undertaken in various parts of the world during the colonial era that sought to observe and document astronomical phenomena.
Path of Totality
Editing and sound design for the Path of Totality, a multifaceted project by Paloma Polo. The film, a collage of archival films and photographs gathered during the course of research is arranged to point at the socio-cultural history of astrophysics. Together they create a non-linear narrative that could allow us to gain access to residual, yet significant traces of the non strictly scientific aspects of this history.
Liquid Sand Tissue
A film of road trip made by Jason, who is trying to figure out how this movie works as much as the audience does. The difference is that he knows he is in it.
Three men wake up within absolute emptiness together, nothing. A short film about the appearance and existence of everything.
Pierrot Lunaire
Editing, camera and animation for video work accompanying a live performance of Arnold Schonberg by Anna Julia Franken.
A short film about a man and the world.
A small selection of commercial works
Editing and sound design for a two part TV-documentary illustrating the lives of ten Hindus living in the Dutch countryside.
Editing and compositing for a short fantastic film by de man & de vos. Two women revisit their hometown during the festivities of Fastnacht. The next morning the magical night appears to have taken on a life of its own.
Mobile App development for a start-up company. Givvia improves upon a venue's guest-list by allowing ambassadors to invite guests and rating their influence by registering who enters and leaves a venue.
Business Models Inc.
A short film celebrating the international launch of Business Models Inc. a strategy and business model consulting agency.
Editing and post-production for the music video of Steffen Morrison's song 'The World is Yours', cinematography and direction by Jasper Faber.
Editing for a Plastic Whale promotional video: 'Oud Amsterdamsch Plastic Visschen'. A sociable event with ca. 349 voluntarily plastic fishers on almost 40 boats cleaning the Amsterdam canals. This initiative is organized by the Plastic Whale Foundation to get more attention for the plastic soup and the way people deal with their (plastic) waste.